Tina, Milo & the Flo meet Cortina for the first stop of their Olympic Tour

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Their journey began on February 13th from Milan to discover all the locations that will make the Olympics and Paralympics Milano Cortina 2026 special.

Tina and Milo, the mascots of the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games, made their first appearance among the people during the Sanremo Festival 2024 and then began a two-week tour of all the locations that will be the protagonists of the 2026 events.

Tina and Milo are two ermines that embody and tell one of the most important aspects of the Olympic events: inclusion, equality, and mutual respect. Tina (who, obviously, represents Cortina… the name says it all, right?) has a light fur, she’s creative, practical, and curious. She believes that beauty has the magical power to transform everything and dreams, dreams a lot. Milo, her brother with brown fur, is a resilience champion: born without a paw, he learned to walk with his tail and no obstacle can stop him. For Milo, “obstacles are springboards.

Tina and Milo are not alone! With them are also the Flo.
They are the mascot’s best friends and are six very funny edelweiss flowers, each with their own distinctive traits, lots of charm, and a desire to be known.

Our two favorites arrived in Cortina d’Ampezzo on Tuesday, February 13th, and immediately headed to the Stadio Olimpico del Ghiaccio where, on the curling rink, they had fun with the children and took lots of photos, receiving lots of hugs.
Mandatory stop, more serious and institutional, inside the Town Hall with Mayor Gianluca Lorenzi and former skater Valentina Marchei. The day ended on Corso Italia with a crowd bath for our favorites among the many children celebrating Carnival.

Tina and Milo set off for Alto Adige to continue their tour and to greet everyone who is working hard to prepare for the upcoming Milano Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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